Hochschule für nachhaltige Entwicklung Eberswalde

Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology Committee works on the following topics and submits their recommendation to the boards:

  • development and quality assurance of the digital information and communication structure
  • provision of hardware and software to all departments at HNE
  • standardization of software and hardware
  • information and communication structure coordination of the departments at HNE
  • use regulations
  • investment plans in information and communication structure in close coordination with the Finances and Structure Committee.

Members of the Commission:

Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund (Faculty 1)
Frank Torkler (Faculty 2)
Prof. Dr. Johannes Creutziger (Faculty 3)
Prof. Dr. Claudia Br├Âzel (presidency, Faculty 4)
Kathrin Franke (Commission accountant, justifiable presidency)
Andreas Bonadt (ITSZ)
Jenny Hammerich (student member)
Selena Dami (student member)


Andreas Bonadt, Head of IT-Servic Centre
03334 657 439

Prof. Dr. Claudia Br├Âzel, Chairwoman of the Commission
03334 657 331

Kathrin Franke, Vice-Chair of the Commission
03334 657 459